How do I know what to order?

Determine the size of your current windshield wipers by measuring each wiper from tip to tip.  Many vehicles today have two different sized wipers.  Select the correct sized wiper blades from the product list and add them to your shopping cart.  If your wipers are an odd size (17", 19", 21") order the next even size smaller for your ThermoBlade selection.  Finally, order 1 wiring harness assembly to connect your ThermoBlade heated wiper blades to your vehicles electical system.


What causes problems with windshield wipers in the winter?

Windshield wipers function effectively only when they are free from obstruction and maintain contact with the windshield.  Common conditions such as ice and snow impair wiper performance, freezing and stiffening the blade and lodging ice within the frame structure.  This causes "streaking" and reduced visibility as ice, rather that the wiper blade, makes contact with the windshield.  Even new style "flex" blades and winter blades with boots can get cold and become caked with ice, causing the same problems.



How does ThermoBlade work?

By heating the entire wiper blade and its holder, ThermoBlade remains effective, irrespective of operating conditions. ThermoBlade can operate continuously for the duration of a trip, maintaining a clear field of vision for the driver.  The heating element can be turned on/off via an illuminated dash switch, making it appropriate for year- round usage.








Will ThermoBlade melt ice off my windshield?

No.  No windshield wiper can melt ice and snow from your windshield.  Ice and snow will need to be scraped off the windshield before using your ThermoBlade heated wipers.  However, once your windshield is clear of ice and snow, the ThermoBlade heated wipers will keep your windshield clear and streak free, even in heavy snow showers or ice storms as long as the heat switch remains in the "ON" position.


How difficult is it to install ThermoBlade Heated Wipers?

The heated winshield wipers are based on standard wiper blades and are easy to install using the universal adaptors provided with the wipers. Because the wipers must be connected to your vehicle electrical system using the wiring harness (which includes an inline fuse and switch box) we recommend taking having your mechanic install the wiper wiring on your vehicle for safety and proper performance.  Complete installation instructions for the wipers and the wiring are included with every shipment.  All hardware required for installation is included in the Wiring Harness package.

Secure Ordering & Payment Options

ThermoBlade offerers a variety of secure payment options, including most credit cards and PayPal (TM) .  Commerical accounts may apply for payment terms for larger order quantities.  Contact ThermoBlade directly for more information regarding quantities required for payment terms using other methods of payment.


Commercial Terms

ThermoBlade does offer discounts and commercial terms for fleet and larger quantity orders.  For more information, contact ThermoBlade directly for information on setting up Fleet Discounts and Payment Terms.
Shipping and Handling
All ThermoBlade orders are shipped using UPS Ground service for a nominal Shipping and Handling fee.  Please see the shipping and handling table in the Sales Cart section for charges. 
Expedited shipments using UPS 2 Day or Next Day Air may be made for an additional fee.  Please contact ThermoBlade via the Contact information page for exact charges using these expedited shipping services.  All shipments come from Michigan and shipping charges will vary depending on your location.