All about our wiper blades

Silicone Wipers vs Rubber



The wiping edge of the Jamak Tripledge (R) All Season Silicone Blade is made of advanced silicone rubber.  Tripledege Silicone wipers withstand extreme conditions while maintaining superior wipe quality.  Traditional organic rubber wiper blades deteriorate quickley from heat, cold and sun exposure.  See below for a comparison

Product Components

Each ThermoBlade wiper comprises a heatable wiper blade, which delivers outstanding wipe quality and durability, and a heatable blade frame, which ensures conformity with the windshield.  ThermoBlade can be installed on 12 and 24-volt electrical systems.  Two wipers along with installation hardware and an illuminated dash switch can be purchased for a complete application.  Wipers of different sizes can be purchased for those vehicles using two different sized wiper frames.


 ThermoBlade is available to commercial organizations at special fleet pricing.