In the 1980's Transportation Safety Systems, Inc. (TSSI), identified a problem that needed a solution.  Windshield wiper blades covered in ice didn't clear the windshield properly and created a safety hazard.  Either the driver had to continue to drive with poor visibility, or, stop their vehicle and try to clear the ice from the wiper.  This was often in an unsafe location.


TSSI came up with an answer, a heated windshield wiper blade.  In 1990, the ThermoBlade (C) heated windshield wiper blade was patented.  This product is an electrically heated, windshield-wiping system which significantly improves driving visibility during winter conditions.


Suitable for commercial and consumer vehicles, ThermoBlade eliminates icing of the wipers. Unlike other wiper systems, ThermoBlade heats the entire frame and the squeegee creating a "triangle of heat" that prevents ice build up and lodging within the frame and squeegee of the wiper. This allows the the wiper blade to make direct contact with the windshield rather than ice caked on the wiper blade, which causes "streaking" and reduced visibility.


Launched initially as a safety item in the school bus market, ThermoBlade is a heavy duty, commercial type windshield wiper used on US military vehicles, over the road 18 wheelers and specialty vehicles (snow plows, emergency vehicles and vehicle fleets).  Many airports in the northen United States have standardized on the ThermoBlade heated wiper system for their airport runway snowplows.